Invisalign® Information

Advantages of Invisalign®

They are virtually invisible, and no one knows you’re wearing them except you.
Your teeth are easier to clean than with traditional braces because they are removable.
They don’t irritate your cheeks or gums as much as traditional adult braces.
You’ll get a chance to see a computer simulation showing how your teeth will move during treatment, and see the projected final outcome of your new smile.

You’ll have fewer and less frequent appointments than patients wearing traditional braces.

If you are a patient with severe orthodontic problems wanting complete correction Invisalign® may not be the best option for you. Other adult braces and adult orthodontic options may be better for you to obtain the perfect smile. Patients in the Greater Lafayette area stop by for your first free exam today and see if Invisalign® is the clear choice for you.

Invisalign® is for teens and adults! Call (765) 463-6622